I am Diana. I love my pets very mach. I have not got a cat or a dog, but I have got two wonderful parrots. They are Masha and Kesha.
Four years ago my parents and I went to the pet shop. I saw my parrots there. I understood at once that I liked them very mach and asked my parents to buy them. You cant imagine how happy I was when my parents agreed. We bought a nice cage for them and, of course, special seeds. Now I look after them with great pleasure. Every day I give them seeds and fresh water. I often clean their cage. Sometimes I let them fly about the flat. They like it very much and make a lot of noise. I always shut the windows when they fly. Because they could fly out.
I teach my pets to speak. They can say some words "Hello", "What", "Nice bird". I think they like me very mach. And when I am out, I always think about themand miss my cleer birds.
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Меня зовут Диана. Я люблю своих домашних питомцов. У меня нет ни собаки, ни кошки, но зато есть два попугая. Их зовут Маша и Кеша.

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