Напишите сочинение "The teacher a will never for get", (короче, про своего любимого учителя) на английском!!!

My favourite teacher - напиши здесь имя учитильницы...

I consider that all teachers - darlings. But my most favourite teacher is a teacher of biology-напиши здесь имя учитильницы... . To be the teacher - very responsible task. After all from it we receive knowledge which we use further. And knowledge has to be true, deep and useful. It seems to me that each teacher wants that his pupil achieved successes in studying of its subject, in adult life, and even surpassed the teacher. It will be the best gift and will mean that the teacher managed to teach everything that is able.

But often we resist to receive valuable knowledge: we shirk, we dont carry out homeworks, we are rude to teachers and we get up to any nonsenses. And they after all, in turn, need to suffer, understand and try to correct something by means of one means - the word.Напиши здесь имя учитильницы... always understands you and can help if you didnt understand something. She can forgive if you were late. We never will forget the teachers, opened to us the road to life!

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