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Robinson CrusoeThe first English book I read was Kruzo.I was 12 when I read this wonderful book.Mne ponravilas.With very great interest I read the story stay on the island. Robinson Crusoe tells in detail about how to equip his life. I was struck by the desire and ability of man to survive in difficult conditions. In an effort to provide for themselves the necessities of life, he works hard, and the work is beginning to dispel the despair that engulfed him after a shipwreck. Seeing that he was able to survive on the island, Robinson calms down, begins to wonder about his former life. And after much thought, refers to reading the Bible, which he managed to capture the ship. Robinson Crusoe did for a conclusion that all the ills that have happened to him - this is a punishment for his sins, the main thing - for disobeying her parents. Once alone with nature, the hero of the work was able to see all their flaws. In his new position, he distinguishes between "good" and "evil." Robinson Crusoe can not fail to amaze. This is a brave, brave, strong, smart and extremely hardy.

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