You are living abroad and sharing a flat with a student from another country.You share the housework and its your turn to do the shoping.You have yo go out and you wont have time to go to the supermarket.Write your flatemate a note(80-90 words) including the following points:

inform him/her about the situasion

ask him/her to do the shoping

tell him/her what to buy(4-5 things)

tell him/her where to find the money for the shopping

Sorry, I have to go. My reletives ask me to help them. I knew that I have to buy some food but my reletives really needs me. They just get to Motel and i got to help them with bags. Please go shopping by yourself. Ill be back in two hours. You need to buy one pount of potatos, twenty four eggs, one bottle of oil, and big chiken. Money for all that staff youll find in my car. My car parked on Times Squre. Keys youll get when bring to my budy money that locates under my bad. So take my car and go shopping. Soryy old pal. Ill do anything for you if youll do that I worte in thet note. Good Luck!

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