1)Put ever, never or just in the right place in the sentences.

1.Has there been life on Mars? (ever)

2.Weve seen a solar eclipse. (just)

3.I have learnt astronomy in my life. (never)

4.She isnt hungry - she has eaten lunch. (just)

5.Have you swum in a mountain lake? (ever)

2)Use the cues to write questions in the Present Perfect with ever.


Have you ever been to a planetarium?

1. a planetarium? (be to)

2. a science fiction story? (write)

3. a photo of the sky at night (take)

4. a journey into space? (dream of)

5. a UFO? (see)

6. anybody who has seen a UFO? (meet)

7. an alien? (talk to)

1)has life ever been on mars?
2)weve just seen a solar eclipse
3)I have never learnt astronomy in my life
4)she has just eaten lunch
5)have you ever swum in a mountain lake?
1)have you ever been to planetarium?
2)have you ever written a science fiction story?
3)have you ever taken a photo of the sky at night?
4)have you ever dreamed of a journey onto space?
5)have you ever seen a UFO?
6)have you ever met anybody who has seen UFO?
7)have you err talked to alien?

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