Пересказ про Бред Пита на английском.15 предложений только самое главное откуда он где он живет как выглядит личность, как выглядит

William Bradley pitt was born in the city (USA, Oklahoma), grew up in a very religious American family.Height: 1.80 m. Date of birth: 18 December 1963 (49 years).Laureate of the prize of «Golden globe» for the year 1995 (the«Twelve monkeys»), four times nominated for the prize «Oscar» (1996, 2009 and twice in 2012).Before it came to the actors success, he worked as a driver, the carrier of the furniture and even зазывалой in the network of restaurants «El Pollo Loco» and should have been in the costume of a giant chicken invite passers-by to visit their school. In parallel with this, he attended acting courses. Professional career began after he was lucky enough to get the role in the TV series «Dallas». He began playing small roles in various TV series and movies. In 1988, he finally received the lead role in the film «the Dark side of the Sun». However, until this film is edited, the civil war has engulfed the part of Yugoslavia, where the shooting. Most of the footage was considered lost until 1998, when the film was finally released on the screens.

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